I have been working full time in the film- and television industry since 1994, mainly based in Germany doing camera work. I became more interested in post production and decided in 2004 to move to Bermuda to take on the role as an editor and cameraman. I felt this position would be a good transitional role to go from Production to Post-Production.

My interest in visual and special effects goes back to my childhood. I filmed my first short film at the age of 15 with my grandfather’s Super-8 film camera and it involved several experiments with double exposure, stop motion and the filming of miniatures. I also created “laser beams” by scratching off the paint on the film frame by frame with a sewing needle.

In 2008 I moved to New Zealand and made my diploma in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics at Media Design School in Auckland. I found work as a compositor at PRPVX, a visual effects company in Auckland.

Photography and Stereo Photography are also major interests of mine.