Everest 8848 ( Galileo, Pro7, german )

This was a short documentary I filmed for german science show “Galileo”. We followed  german artist Yadegar Asisi up the Khumbu Valley in Nepal to reach Mt. Everest Base Camp.

He was preparing the largest panoramic painting ever to be created and it was going to be the view of Mt. Everest


Gransfors Bruk ( Galileo, Pro 7, german )

Gransfors Bruk is a swedish axe manufacturer, world famous for their high quality axes. We followed their production line and observed expert blacksmith Lars Enander create a traditional axe by hand.



Bermuda Sloop ( Bermuda Sloop Foundation, Panatel CDS Ltd., english )

“The Spirit of Bermuda”  is a sailing vessel built in the traditional style of a Bermuda Sloop. It runs character building programs for bermudians youths. Every student in Bermuda learns sailing skills at some point of their school career.

I followed the construction for over two years and this short film summarizes the process. I both filmed and edited the video.


Zephyr Technologies ( english )

This short commercial was done on a very small budget and produced entirely by myself. I had the opportunity to do as a student job while studying for the Diploma of Visual Effects and Motion Graphics.


Der Fall N.O.L.A.N. ( private short film, german )

My very first short film I produced in 1996 and is a homage to filmmaker Ed Wood.