Reel 2013 from Christian Ablinger on Vimeo.


Shot Breakdown




Legend of the Seeker ( Composition)
Set Extensions, glass and wood splinter, CG Integration


The provided greenscreen glass and wood splinters were not usable and had to be recreated digitally. I was provided with CG elements and enhanced it with particle splinters, dust and smoke.





Evil Dead (Composition )
Camera Removal


There was no clean plate and I had to recreate the cupboard with what I had to work with in the footage. I match moved the plate with a simple 2D track.






Legend of the Seeker ( Composition )
Integration of CG monster









Green Lantern ( Motion Capturing )


I worked on several shots of this scene. They were all filmed with witness cameras from different angles and I tracked all cameras in Syntheyes, then linking all corresponding Trackers of each camera of the actor's tracking suit to get a 3D solve of his movements.





Legend of the Seeker ( Tracking and Composition)


3D Track in Syntheyes, and then added layers of real live footage and CG elements to create the camp.






Evil Dead (Composition)

leg removal, added blood and rain, tracker removal

The rain in the shot didn't allow to paint a single clean plate, so I used Nuke's camera projection and uv-unwrapping to re-project the footage onto a plate that was then re-shot by the tracked camera. This allowed my to use different parts of the footage to move around and cover the Markers on the ground and to cover the area of the legs, the stumps were rotoed and added on top.

I painted the blood in Photoshop and revealed them with a simple mask.

There wasn't enogh rain on the left side of the frame and I created rain using Nuke's particles.





Skyrunners (Composition)


The main challenge of this shot was it's immense size. All the elements are simple renders and most effects were added in a simple 2D comp, including the flashes, light cones, explosions etc.






Power Rangers (  Matte Painting and Composition )

Summer to Winter Conversion

I tried making the wintery scene by using photos of snow. This only worked in small parts so I ended up painting the snow by hand just using basic brushes in Photoshop. The snow flakes were done with Nuke's particle system.

I did the same for the winter scene with the motorbike. The only area I replaced with actual photos were trees in the background.

I also keyed the actor, who was filmed on greenscreen, and added him also.




Legend of the Seeker ( Composition)


I keyed the highlights of the necklace and used them to create the glow. The flickering and growing of the glow effect was achieved by using animated noise as an alpha matte and by animating the actual key node.






Legend of the Seeker ( Tracking and Composition )

I tracked the shot in Syntheyes and then used Nuke's 3D system to place in the glow effects.








Legend of the Seeker ( Composition)

I used a large number of Nuke's adjustment nodes and blending modes to achieve the ghostly effect.








Legend of the Seeker ( Composition)






Power Rangers ( Tracking and Composition )


The challenging part on this shot was to match the flames with the stick as regular tracking wasn't possible. The fine tuning was done by hand tracking. I t was alos difficult to match the fire plate to make it look like it ismoving with the stick. The smoke was a particle system.




Evil Dead (Tracking and Composition) Trapdoor Fix

The door originally jumped back up to far when it was slammed shut. I Nuke's camera projection system again ( same as the other ED shot ) to place the clean plate. To make it jump up a little again was quite tricky as I had to distort the clean plate by hand to make it appear to move back up. To get the edge of the door I used retimed the original door to make it move the way it want and then blending everything together.




Private Project ( Modelling, Texturing, Rigging, Animation, Lighting and Final Comp)

This is one of my learning projects for 3D work done in 3dMax.